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* Filter based cleaning with 12 user editable filter types including MultiFilter, pattern matching, regular expression, sorting, and BASIC Scripts.

* Design sophisticated, multi-step filters to handle virtually any task. Share those filters with friends or across an entire organization.

* 290 built in text filters, including E-mail, web, Mac-PC, sorting, programming, and publishing filters.

* 'Out of the box' TextSpresso is ready to clean and process common, and not so common, text and data.

* Global Filter Menu available in all applications with copy/paste.

* Use TextSpresso in other applications just as if the commands were built in.

* Global Filter Palette floats in front of other applications.

* Keep frequently used filters a double-click away during work sessions in other windows and applications.

* Hot Filter with user editable key and screen corner triggers.

* Filter the selected text in most applications with a simple hot key.

* Powerful text editor with unique commands and 100 levels of undo per document.

* View and edit the text you're cleaning without a separate application.

* Unicode text system with support for translation to/from dozens of character encodings.

* Open and filter existing encodings while designing your filters around the Unicode character set and standard.

* Text display and filtering engines optimized for the efficient processing of hundreds of MB's of text or data.

* Quickly process massive data files that simply choke other text cleaners and editors.

* Fast, multithreaded batch processing of files.

* Quickly and easily filter large numbers of files at once.

* Available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

* Use TextSpresso on both home and work computers, or across an entire organization. One tool with a consistent user interface and the ability to share filters reduces time, effort, and training.

* Multithreaded text filtering and file I/O engines.

* TextSpresso can juggle multiple tasks at once.

* BASIC Script filters can download web pages and direct your web browser to URLs.

* Create filters that download and parse web data or parse data on your computer in order to search or drive web sites.

* Sort Pattern filter type uses patterns to sort text sections and to define sort keys.

* Go beyond simple "sort line" commands with fully customizable section / key sorting.

* FileMaker Pro support via Apple Events on Mac OS X.

* Filter data fields and parse data from raw text, all within your favorite database!

* Over 30 user preferences including Auto Save, Hot Edit, Hot Activation, etc.

* Customize TextSpresso to your work habits.

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