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What is TextSpresso? Simply the best tool available for cleaning and processing text. Whether you're cleaning messy emails, preparing text for publishing, or trying to extract useful data, TextSpresso can help you with an unparalleled filter library and feature set. Try TextSpresso for 30 days on us. All the features are fully functional during the demo period.  


Clean Text Any Where, Any Time

TextSpresso is a great text editor. But the reality is, most of your text and data is in other programs. Your word processor, email client, photo editor, spreadsheet...the programs you use to get your work done. That's why TextSpresso is designed to work with all of your software. No plug-ins to buy or install. And no wondering whether you have a plug-in for the program you're working in or not. Simply select your text and click a filter in the TextSpresso global menu or global palette.
They work where you do.


Your Unique Problems Solved

It's hard to believe, but sometimes 290 built in filters just isn't enough. That's why TextSpresso offers a dozen core filter types which you can use to create your own filters. Pattern matching, sorting, regular expressions, data extraction...you can even program TextSpresso using BASIC. And you can share your creations with other TextSpresso users on Mac or Windows.

Not sure how to design a filter for a specific task? Drop us a line, show us the text you've got and the text you want, and we'll help you build your filter.


Have Hay Stack? Will Find Needle

You know the data is there. You know what it looks like. But it's buried under a ton of text you don't want. A big problem? Not for TextSpresso. TextSpresso's Extract Data filter type can search for data matching TextSpresso patterns and regular expressions, pull the data out, and format it for you. You can even combine Extract Data filters with BASIC filters to extract data from the web. 


When The Going Gets Tough,
TextSpresso Gets Going

When you say you've got big files, you mean big files. Data files with a lot of megabytes to be cleaned and processed. And a lot of those data files. Not a problem. TextSpresso 3 was designed to open, display, filter, and save files that choke other products. One at a time or a whole batch at a time.


Did We Mention the Kitchen Sink?

Most text cleaning products are just that: a handful of cleaners with a simplistic editing window. TextSpresso is a powerful text editor in its own right. Multi-level undo. Regular expression search dialog. And a set of unique commands to help you quickly massage text into the format you want.


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